U.S. Food and Drug Administration


Export of the products made with domestic meat or poultry is limited, and all of the packaged food which contains any substances harmful to the human body or banned food additives are from being imported into the United States. Chemron FDA will be the best partner for your U.S. exports with detailed and accurate consultation.

A) General Food: processed food, canned food, frozen food, confectionery products, beverage, natural food, etc

Taking nutritional quality testing based on FDA standards, and attaching the Nutrition Facts written on this basis are essential tasks.
It is economical to take safety testing, when taking nutritional quality testing as the FDA can ask for related data anytime.
Mandatory requirements for the label are English product name, net weight, nutrition facts, all ingredient lists, manufacturer name, address, and origin.

B) Dietary Supplement

It is responsible to check safety by taking a safety test before coming out in the market. Along with general food, a food label is mandatory, and supplement facts must be filled through examination.

C) Liquid product for heat sterilization (Low-acid food/Acidified food)

Food below requires FCE (Food Canning Establishment) number by enrolling in factory before coming out in the market. And SID(Submission Identifier) can be given through registration of sterilization process in FDA for US export. (Bottled food, canned food, food in retort pouch, beverage, etc)
1) Low-acid food (pH >4.6, water activity >0.85)
2) Acidified food (pH ≤4.6, water activity >0.85)

Chemron FDA has completed SID of milk and soy milk (Seoul Milk, Maeil Dairy, DR. CHUNG's FOOD Co., Ltd., Nature & People Co.,Ltd.), known for complicated. Also, we do our best as an expert partner with the completion of SID of products other than Dong-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Kwangdong Pham, Hyundai Pharm, Samsung Pharm. Co., LTD.


Fodder for pet animals must be equipped with the requirements of FD & C ACT, as with products for people.
Chemron FDA processes component analysis of fodder for pet animals and additives, and safety testing under related regulations, with accuracy and speed.

Chemron FDA offers the highest level of service with the direct connection of specialized test laboratory at a low cost.