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KFDA food-related approval, EPA, Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare, CE, European Certification

CE and EU approval

Chemron FDA has an agreement with European Agent (Obelis), and we also do business for the approval of cosmetics, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies, planning to expand their business to to the European market.

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Privacy Policy
Chemron FDA Korea (the “Company”) values personal information of its customers and is in compliance with the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Data Protection.
The Company fully discloses to its customers how personal information provided by customers is used and the method of such use, as well as measures taken to protect such personal information based on its policies and procedures for handling personal information.
Any amendments to the Company’s policies and procedures for handling personal information will be either notified directly to customers or posted on its website. This policy will take effect on May 01, 2021.

■ Personal Information to be collected
The Company collects the following personal information for purposes of consultation and processing service applications
• Items collected : Company name, applicant name, email address, phone number, request for quotation, etc.
• Method of collection : website (through Request Quote button on the main page)

■ Purpose of collecting personal information and intended use of such information
The Company uses the personal information collected from customers for the following purposes:
• To provide services and perform our obligations under the contract with the customer
• To use in connection with marketing and advertisement
• To promote services offered

■ Period of retention and use of personal information
In principle, the Company promptly destroys personal information of customers upon achieving the purpose of collecting and using such personal information. However, certain information is retained for a limited
period and for specific purposes only, as follows:
Information retained: Company name, applicant name, email address, phone number, request for quotation
Purpose of retention: To provide the services
Period of retention: During the term of contract